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Web Design Usando Bandeirolas

1. Use it for navigation.


Use it for navigation
Image: Ferocious

Ribbons are effective for navigation for it easily gets the attention of the visitors and you will be able to easily guide them through your site. They will not have a hard time looking for your navigation buttons. It is always important to have easy and well-placed navigations so that a visitor will know what to do.

2. Apply it on headers.

Apply it on headers
Image: Solid Giant
When used as headers, ribbons can add appeal to the site and could also give emphasis to your site name and logo which you would place in the header. Use a color that complements with the rest of the page or you may opt to use a color that will make it stand out. Either way, you will still find ribbon an effective way of getting the attention of the readers.

3. Create noticeable labels.

Create noticeable labels
Image: Sleep Street
For one thing, you would like to place labels in your website in order to guide the readers and tell them which is which. There are actually various usages of labels. It depends on what type of website you have. Since you are placing labels in order to make things clearer for the visitors, the use of ribbons will surely be a good way to do that.

4. Have impressive backgrounds.

Have impressive backgrounds
Image: Dodge Ball
Aside from little parts in the page, you can also use ribbons to give emphasis on some parts of your background. When you use a ribbon, be sure also that the design of the ribbon is suitable to the concept of the page. The color will also greatly affect on your usage of this unique shape. Indeed, ribbons can add a big deal of appeal to your site.

5. Placement for logo and site name.

Placement for logo and site name
Image: Jopp Design
Some designers creatively use ribbons letting it bear the site logo and name. It is a good manner of using it for it can minimize the use of space when used in a way similar to that of our example above. When a visitor comes to your site, his eyes will surely be guided toward your ribbon which is of course your aim in using it.

6. Use it for footer.

Use it for footer
Image: Rapping Paper
Ribbons are effective as headers but it is also good when used as footer. Consider the web design above. It used ribbons for both headers and footers. It certainly made the site look appealing especially that the contents are also colorful. The use of a red ribbon made an impression of being boxed or framed which easily directs the eyes of those who see it.

7. Make eye-catching call to action.

Make eye-catching call to action
Image: HTML5 Boilerplate
For sure, there are some things that you would like your reader to do. Every website bears a call to action and each has different ways of doing that. A ribbon could be an effective call to action for it is eye-catching.

8. Use large ribbons for more appeal.

Use large ribbons for more appeal
Image: Wells Riley
You never thought of using a ribbon for you think that it looks feminine. But when you saw the site we have above, you could have changed your mind. Large ribbons can add appeal to the website and can give it a distinct look. The impact depends on your type of ribbon and the color you use for it.

9. Consider using many ribbons.

Consider using many ribbons
Image: Fresh Cookies Online
When some websites use only one or two ribbons, some use many ribbons. It would even seem that the design concept of the site is the usage of ribbons. If you think that using many ribbons can ruin the design of the site, you are obviously wrong. It can even bring your design to the next level and will give your site an inviting look.

10. Use ribbons subtly.

Use ribbons subtly
Image: Cake Sweet Cake
If there are sites that use large ribbons and many ribbons, there are also websites that use it in a subtle manner. A single small ribbon could already be enough to add beauty to the web design. There are even some that uses a very tiny ribbon but still manages to shine and be noticed by the visitors. Pin It now!

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