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Conceitos para Ícones de Mídias Sociais

1. Container Icon Set

Container Icon Set  

2. BookLovers 2

features crisp, truly realistic book-style icons that perfectly go with ordinary blog designs, online libraries, book shops or websites dedicated to literature.
BookLovers 2

3. Takeout Coffee Social Cups Set

presents 18 colorful original social media icons that perfectly match for any restaurant or food website designs.
Takeout Coffee Social Cups

4.  Football Social Icon Set

has a truly playful and entertainment vibe that undoubtedly adds to every sport site harmony and completeness.
Football Social Icon Set

5.  Television Social Media Icons Set

uses old fashioned, but widely recognizable television sets as a background. As a result such interconnection between modern social media logos and aged devices makes this pack ideal for usage not only on websites dedicated to broadcasting companies, but also on retro and vintage designs.
Television Social Media Icons Set

6. Candy Social Media Icons Pack

looks very appetizing. The set of 16 vibrant sweetmeats easily spice up any cookery or colorful website design.
Candy Social Media Icons

7. Themartist Animation

is a really valuable set for those who want to surprise their users with funny characters.
Themartist Character Social Icons

8.  Social Media Icons by apricum

has a clear hint of alchemist art. The set of 35 bottles filled with popular social media icons in liquid state is a perfect addition to any enigmatic, strange or medical design.
Social Media Icons by apricum

9. Social Network Easter Eggs

do a great job of setting proper Easter mood with universally recognizable shapes and elegant ornaments.
Social Network Easter Eggs

10. Stamp Social Network Icons Pack V2 by absdostan

is pale and heavily noised, but almost universal due to its round shape and immediately identifyable logos.
Stamp Social Network Icon

11. Fabric Social Icon Set by Kevin Harris

was made to satisfy the needs of every clothes and fabrics website.
Fabric Social Icon Set by Kevin Harris

12. Icons – Social Network by Foan82

breaks the monotony of ordinary design and brings joy and playfulness making every website a bit hilarious.
Social Network icons by Foan82

13. Set of Social Bags by Michael Shanks

is a small, but lovingly crafted. With its significant touch on details, it will perfectly complete every ecommerce website. Since the designer adds the PSD template, you can easily build upon that.
Social Bags by Michael Shanks

14. iPhone social icons package

 delivers clean and clear vector graphics, that are much needed nowadays since the amount of iOS app websites grows by leaps and bounds.
iPhone social icons

15. 36 vintage social icons set

is a modern take on retro style. Smooth and slightly shabby icons perfectly match to light and website designs that are supposed to look like days gone by.
36 vintage social icons

16. Vintage Social Media Stamps pack

consists of 14 gorgeous stamp-style icons made of restrained colors. The envelopes – one of the univocal mail symbols – will look good both on dark and light designs.
Vintage Social Media Stamps

17. Social icon set by Nablo92

includes 27 major content-sharing icons that are stylized tags, taking their rightful place on clothes and accessories online shops.
Social icon set by Nablo92

18. Test-Tube Social Icons full pack

 represents images of pharmacy and chemistry, thus making every medical design a bit more remarkable and lively.
Test-Tube Social Icons

19. Social Networks Colorflow Iconset by SamirPA

consists of 32 vibrant folder-shaped icons. The set goes perfectly with website designs dedicated to business.
Social Networks Colorflow Iconset by SamirPA

20. New Social Media Icon Set

involves 25 scalable vectors that can be easily integrated into every website design regardless to its background color
New Social Media Icon Set

21. Set of social icons by Lenka Melcakova

reminds you of bottle corks with bright and colorful illustrations. I suppose every owner of a beverage website will be glad to have such a comprehensive and suitable collection.
Set of social icons by Lenka Melcakova

22. Social Media Icons Pack by Hakan Ertan

is filled with varieties of social icons made in pin and badge style. Thanks to dual nature you can use the set both as pin icons on a map or contact pages and as a decoration on retro website designs.
Social Media Icons by Hakan Ertan

23. Icons by Andy Sowards

are inspired by textile design. This set of T-shirts with painted social icons on them is perfectly appropriate to youth, clothes, online-stores.
T-Shirt Social Media Icons

24. Leather Social Icons Set by Sylvain Guizard

includes 48 badgy shaped icons with a sophisticated and accurate overlay of leather texture.
Leather Social Icons Set by Sylvain Guizard

25. Flip Clock Social Icons Set

depicts monochromatic flip clock styled social icons in 2 main colors: black and white – in order to satisfy the needs of both light and dark designs. All the icons are represented in large size so you can easily adjust it to the required size.
Flip Clock Social Icons 

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