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Ilustrações Realistas em 3D

Captain Jack Sparrow / Johnny Depp made by ZhiHeng Tang

Portrait of President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev made by Oleg Koreyba

,,The Revolutionary” made by  Kris Kelly

,,Ayco” made by Chris Nichols

,,Bernadette”  by Stephen Molyneaux

,,The Portrait”  made by Luc Bégin

,,Body builder” made by Jian Xu (Tutorial)
Although he looks a bit exaggerated, it was made from a reference of a real bodybuilder Markus Ruhl.

,,Jonas” by Zbynek Kysela

,,Old man” created by  Jin Hee Lee (Tutorial)

,,Portrait attempt” made by Alex Huguet

Korean actress Song Hye Kyo by Max Wahyudi

,,Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway” made by Stanislav Klabik (Tutorial)

,,Far and Away” by  Stanislav Klabik

,,Painter ” by RenPeng Dong

,,The Joker ” made by  Max Wahyudi (Making of)
A fan art of a character Joker (actor - Heath Ledger) from the movie Dark Knight.

,,Muriel 2” made by  Mauro Corveloni

,,Young Girl”  made by Viki Yeo (Tutorial)

,,Mursi Tribesman” made by Adam Skutt (Tutorial)

,,Apocalypto’s Middle Eye” made by Peter Zoppi

Close up portrait made by David Moratlla (Tutorial)

,,The Blue Project” self-portrait made by Dan Roarty (Tutorial)

,,An elderly curmudgeon” made by Rokly Wang

,,Hold Hakka Woman” made by Salvatore Ferracane

Portrait of an Old Man made by Tony Reynolds

Varvara made by Denis Tolkishevsky

Sad woman made by Kleber Darcio

Slayer made by Guang Yang

Actor Tommy Lee Jones made by SiYoung Lee

Old woman made by Ivan Ozyumov

Girl elbow stand made by Alexander Tomchuk

Portrait  made by U Ri So

Last Elf made by Piotr Fox Wysock (Making of)

Kid made by Rakesh Sandhu (Tutorial)

Mage made by Joel Mongeon

Chris made by Redragon
Artist Addy Rose made a portrait of her boyfriend in 3D. Here is the tutorial of how she created this image.

“Old Detective” by James Busby

Old man made by Anto Juricic

Pink Amazon Portrait made by Rebeca Puebla

Evil Witch made by  Sven Geruschkat 
Inspired by Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Young Chimp made by Hyejin Moon
Not entirely a human but nonetheless one of the best CG characters of our ancestors.

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